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Tours, workshops, adventures for passionate engaging

I first taught Psychogeographies as an advanced interdisciplinary art class at the University of New Mexico and have since evolved it into a full program or meta-teaching method that works for anyone to bring a creative, vital, connectedness. Imagine it as a cross between an art class and a walking tour, where the tours are of anything from back alleys to historic landmarks to national parks. The connection happens in the locations and environment, whatever creative endeavor is undertaken, and the people themselves. The art part is whatever you want it to be, from drawing or painting to writing, photography, sound art, or found objects (etc.). 

I've taken students to national parks, back alleys, an abandoned glass dump, cemeteries, museums (where I devised funky exercises so they never saw a museum the same again either), a water treatment plant, biology labs, ghost hunting... Anything goes and the whole world gets super exciting again.

Student testimonials: 

“I think jolting people off their predictable paths describes everything I did today.” —Matt S.

“Today’s adventure was a mental disorder—and I mean that in the best way.” —Elizabeth G.

“More striking to me than the actual sites we visited together was a thought I had on the drive home as we discussed our artistic ideas and favorite parts so far, it is so strange that just two days ago we were all practically strangers.”  —Tami S.

“I am really enjoying the mobile and fluid classroom this workshop facilitates, creative inspiration is much more involved and accessible outside of the box!” —Melodie W.

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