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I am an artist + writer + educator + explorer in various realms. Before a seven-year illness nearly cost me my life I was an exhibiting artist, a professor of art, a managing editor for an award-winning arts dotcom, a hot air balloon chaser, a pottery painter, a cater waiter, among other things. I've now spent the last decade learning about healing, more healing, and then more. I had to do this in order to survive. I've been both impossibly lucky and dismally unlucky in my life and (mainly!) I've tried to let things soften and fill me instead of the opposite.

In 2010, I got a serious biohazard exposure in my office at the university. I resigned from my job, too sick to stand and one year away from tenure. I was mostly bedridden for most of those seven years. To truly find healing I ended up in the Amazon Jungle at the start of Covid for plant medicine because I had heard it was a miracle for people when nothing else worked. It wasI've spent the last few years slow traveling the world, which usually means trying to spend at least one month but usually longer in each spot. After all I've seen and done I'm convinced massive transformation is possible for each of us in ways we've never dreamed; not only that, it's necessary for the well being of the planet. 


Other oddball items:  I've lived all across the United States and in other countries. I've taught art and writing to the elderly, university and graduate students, teenagers, adults outside any institution, and developmentally disabled. My favorite class I ever taught was based on a repurposed version of the Situationist psychogeography concept. It was called... "Psychogeographies" and used experiential explorations of various locations, connection + community, consciousness-jolting exercises, and creativity to bring that joy of epiphany and expansiveness to learning. I love seeing what happens when people are truly inspired no matter how it happens.

I am currently working on teaching and creative projects that blend my past skills and experience and my expanding knowledge of Amazonian plant medicine/nature, and am on a mission to help.

Photo: In the Amazon Jungle with Guido, 2020

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